Hi, Tremaine Here

I’m on a mission to help ambitious women (like you) buy their time back, become accredited investors, create healthy mindsets around money,  get wealthy, retire comfortably and EARLY.

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If you’re anything like me….

You probably worked double-time to grow your salary with an annual income you’re proud of,  or hustled up the corporate ladder but when you look at your finances you have no idea what to do with the extra money… 

I used to be in your position

I was working hard and making decent money but as fast as the dollars were rolling in, they rolled out of my account even faster.
I took on more clients and more projects but those extra assignments led to extreme burnout, costing me more time and less fulfillment. Despite making more money, I couldn’t seem to increase my financial stability or make my dollars actually work for me.
My breaking point was the moment when I couldn’t even imagine a day without having to work. It didn’t seem like that was a reality for me until I decided to change my perspective on money and secure a plan.

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I changed my circumstances around money and can help you change yours, too

If you’re ready to finally create a roadmap that will make managing your money easy, let’s take the next step.

In 2014, I left my lucrative employer and started Mind Over Money as a financial literacy company. I wanted to teach what I learned from the fortune 500 space that wasn’t being taught in our communities.
I knew that the undertaking would be daunting. Despite having  investment licenses and knowing the content well enough, I let a severe case of imposter syndrome stunt my growth.  

A few short months later, unexpectedly, I lost my grandmother – only a few months before she was set to retire.  That was the turning point. 

Over the next few years, I learned that there was a call on my life. I had to answer it. I needed to put on my big girl pants and make the commitment to help more people, especially women buy their time back. That’s exactly what my firm does. After listening to countless former clients explain how our work shifted the path of their lives, I knew that I was called to this.



Top 50 Under 50 – Association of African American Financial Advisors

Top 100 Financial Advisors – Investopedia

Excellence Awardee – InvestmentNews


Certified Financial Education Instructor
Certified Financial Planner (™) Candidate


Investment Advisor Representative
Series 65 – Investment License
Series 6 – Investment License
Series 66 – Investment License

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