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I am the leading financial advisor for mission driven black women. I help ambitious women clarify, organize, and manage their finances so they can focus on changing the world. I offer 2 core programs.

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Greater Elite
VIP Comprehensive Planning, Implementation, & Ongoing Support

There are many options for the DIY Investor. This is not the program for those types of clients. This is for the busy woman who has no desire to manage her own money. The woman who wants to be able to pick up the phone and call her advisor to ask for help with the paperwork for securing funding, making an investment decision or determining how a major purchase will impact the financial health of her business or the finances of her family. If you don’t want to go at it alone and you want a support system around you, our comprehensive ongoing service is likely the fit for you.

This service is ideal for those with a household income that exceeds $100,000. It includes a personal financial plan, investment advice, implementation, and quarterly meetings. Our fee begins at $3,000 per year with the option to pay annually or monthly. Book a consultation to see if we are a good fit for your needs.

Greater Academy
Advisor Guided DIY Program

Maybe you read the option above and thought to yourself, ” I cannot afford to pay an advisor $3,000 per year right now.” 

I’ve got you covered. Greater Academy is a learning platform and community that provides you with the general steps of how to create your own financial plan. It includes On-Demand Video training, Templates, and a Resource Library. 

Every month you’ll be able to tune into Office Hours to ask your personal finance questions. 

You’ll be able to track your progress and have a community of others working toward the same goal to help hold you accountable if you decide to participate. We don’t force you to share but what we have found in over a decade of experience, those who talk about finances more often become more comfortable with building wealth. 

This program is ideal for anyone who may not have several hundred dollars each month to hire a professional but know they need an advisor who educates while guiding the next steps. 

My programs are for you if....

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