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I am the leading financial advisor for black women entrepreneurs. I help ambitious women clarify, organize, and manage their personal and business finances so they can focss on changing the world.

Secure the Plan:
VIP Action & Execution Day

Mind Over Money provides personal and tailored financial planning services to mission driven women ready to take the next step on their financial journey. Our VIP Action & Execution Day helps action oriented women get their personal and business financial systems & plans set up in one day so that they can quickly implement and step back into their finances with confidence and clarity. From a personal budget to business pro forma projections, this service will allow you to see yourself as the boss that you are while increasing your confidence around your money. This service is our most popular service request for Do It Yourself Investors! This project based experience will leave you with exactly what you need to manage your finances on your own. Secure the plan. Book a call to see if this service is a good fit for you.

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Features & Benefits

Uninterrupted time to focus and execute the financial set up for your finances so that you leave the session confident with the direction of your money.

Create structure around your personal finances and setting up automations in alignment with your personal goals so that you dont have to worry about your personal financial matters.

Create a plan for your personal finances so that you meet your goals and will be able to exit your business on your terms. Learn how to stop trading time for money and retire when you are ready.

You’re busy. You don’t want to read a 20 page report. Our custom one page report summary lays out the essentials of your financial roadmap to ensure you know exactly what to do in order to achieve the financial life of your dreams.

Create structure around your business accounts and how to properly track your business financials so that you are not wasting time every month confused with where your money went.

Create a plan for your business financials so that you can follow a detailed roadmap to get you where you want to be with your revenue goals.

We stand by our plans. From relief of financial stress and better sleep to significant growth in savings and investment accounts, we know why this is a popular service. The value provided far out ways the investment to secure your plan. Can you afford to keep doing things the way you’ve been doing it?

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Secure The Plan:
VIP Comprehensive Planning, Implementation, & Ongoing Support

A VIP Day is a great idea for people who just need a quick set up and then will take over the reigns from there. But what about the busy woman who has no desire to manage their own money? What about the woman who wants to be able to pick up the phone and call their advisor to ask for help with the paperwork for securing funding, making an investment decision or determining how a major purchase will impact the financial health of their business or the finances of their family? If you don’t want to go at it alone and you want a support system around you, our comprehensive ongoing service is likely the fit for you.

We have 2 Ongoing Comprehensive Planning Programs:

VIP Personal Financial Planning for Individuals w/o a Business: This service is for individuals and families who do not own a business and would like to receive financial guidance. This service is ideal for those with a household income that exceeds $100,000. It includes a personal financial plan, investment advice, implementation and quarterly meetings. Book a money audit to see if we are a good fit for your needs.

VIP Full Service Planning for Business Owners: This service is ideal for full or part time entrepreneurs with annual business revenue exceeding $150,000. Clients experiencing the most success with this service are in position to pay themselves from the business. This includes all the services listed below. Book a money audit to see if we are a good fit for your needs.

Features & Benefits

Create and follow a personal plan that includes a budget, credit building, debt payoff strategy, education plan, tax plan, investment and retirement plan so that you are able to execute your personal goals with confidence and clarity.

Receive investment advice specific to you and your goals to help you accelerate building wealth so that you dont have to spend time researching and guessing how to invest your money.

Creatie a plan for your business financials so that you can follow a detailed roadmap to get you where you want to be with your revenue goals and gain access to capital to scale your business.

Get access to a bookkeeper/accountant who will manage your books and run your reports for you.

Get a tax strategy that allows you to reduce your tax liability, plan over the year and reduce your stress so that you can worry about keeping more profit instead of worrying about owing taxes.

Meet with your financial advisor once per quarter to ensure your goals are on track and to ask any question so that you can maintain and build confidence in reaching your financial goals.

My programs are for you if....

Let me help you get to financial F.R.E.E.D.O.m.

F:  Find it. Learn how our services can bring your financial goals to fruition through a personally tailored financial roadmap by booking your discovery call.
R:  Reveal it. Gather all relevant financial information and personal data to kick off the process.  Providing these details will help us reveal and understand the state of your finances. 
E:  Elevate it. With all of the information provided, we will have our first meeting together understanding how we can create a plan that elevates you to where you want to go financially.
E:  Empower it. We will create an initial financial plan that empowers you to improve your daily financial habits.
D:  Discover it. Mind Over Money will present investment strategies and other long-term objectives to paint a clear picture that will help you discover the exact route needed to reach your desired financial goals.
O: Own it. This entails regular maintenance meetings that happen on an ongoing basis. The advisor will assist with the application and execution of strategies and recommendations alongside you.
M: Make it real. You will have the time to implement strategies to see your growth and development. Mind Over Money will be here to help every step of the way.

Think We're a Good Fit?

If you’re ready to stop watching other people live your dream life, book your discovery call so I can help put you on track.